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We don't mean to brag but we have been ranked in DFW's top 10 Dance Studios since 2014! Not to mention ranked #3 for Thumbtack Best of 2016 Our devotion to dance and student relationships comes first at Daily Dance.


If you are completely new to dancing read on, TL;DR Warning it gets a bit lengthy but theres a lot of information to take in when starting any new hobby! Its pretty much like learning a new sport or language. 




So Let us explain a few things!

While like most studios we offer lessons, they come in different varieties.  

Private lessons:  The student/couple to teacher ratio is 1:1. It is a 1 hour session with at least 45 minutes of instruction and 10-15 minutes for discussing goals, recording steps or scheduling future lessons.  This is where you make the most progress because it is a custom fit program with no limits on learning.  



We offer Traditional lessons in a studio


We offer lessons in your home!

(We call these "Concierge" lessons) 


Why Concierge Lessons?

Privacy- If you are new, you may be shy and would prefer getting used to the basics without anyone watching!

Convienience - After work, some people prefer to stay home and have the night's entertainment come to you instead of having to get dressed up to go out. Instead, have dinner at home, open a bottle of wine and have a dance lesson!

Flexibility- While we do rent dance floors for lessons we are subject to their schedules, whereas if you like the idea of using your living room, its up to your schedule and your teacher's.

If you prefer to get out of the house or don't have the space in home, we also offer our "Preferred Location"service. We have relationships with many dance studios across the metroplex. So instead of you having to drive to a studio that may be far away, we will rent a floor nearest you and bring the service to you as close as possible!

  • If you want to schedule an appointment or just purchased a Groupon or Living Social deal and have questions click on Contact Us and ask us!
  • We offer a wide variety of dances so be sure to click on the Genres or Our Dance Styles to see what we offer! If there is a dance not on the list you want to learn, ask us. This is not a comphrehensive list!
  • We keep a monthly calendar updated so be sure to check it out. Click Events to stay up to date!
  • We have Group activities in two different categories: Class and Series. Series work on the same concepts for an extended period of time in monthly increments where as Classes are singular and the material can change each time.

Party Nights: You are invited to join the Instructors and fellow Students to go out dancing to different venues based on the types of dance we teach (Ballroom, Latin, Country and Swing).
Depending on the location, food and a bar may be available. We will keep you informed, so be sure to  click “Contact Us” and fill out the  “subscribe to our mailing list”.

Group Instruction: Although the majority of your learning comes from private instruction and is reinforced in a dance setting like our Party Nights, we offer two types of Group activities that will supplement your learning. These are best suited for learning how to lead and follow other partners!  
The first class type being “Series Group” and the second, “Group Class”.


Lead Follow Class!

Group class: Floorcraft and Lead/Follow

Posted by Daily Dance Services on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Series Groups are where we meet weekly and work on the same dance and concepts for six weeks.  This is perfect for the dancer who wants to focus on a goal in a dance and achieve continuity!  The Series are registered for the six weeks and paid in advance or on the first class. The dances are selected by the attendees who all vote at the end of each Series.   Series are more commonly taught at Intermediate levels (Bronze and above).

Group Classes are where we meet weekly and each class is a different dance or concept. This is ideal for the dancer whose busy schedule may not be predictable enough to commit to a series or does not want to focus on singular concepts.  Classes can be paid for in advance for a small discount or simply drop in and take one at the regular rate!


We strive for true customer satisfaction, but why believe us? Listen to a few of these people!

Another happy client at Daily Dance! This delightful couple learned a smooth foxtrot for their wedding dance. They danced to All of Me by John Legend.

Kelly found us through one of our online promotions! :)