Here is an example of one of our instructors and students performing at our annual Christmas dance demonstrating an American Waltz.

Margie shows that dancing for only 4 years and being in your 80's doesn't stop you from having fun or looking impressive on the dance floor!

One of the most iconic of the ballroom dances, this dance is sure to wow any audience.

Waltz is easy to learn but hard to master. While the basics can be taught in a few quick lessons, a student can spend a lifetime learning new steps and working on technique. But only a little is needed to begin dancing to any song with 3/4 timing. This dance is often found at formal events, dance events or weddings.

Jesse took a liking to the International Standard Waltz after considering the undertaking of a Waltz routine. After comparing American Smooth to International Standard, he realized he enjoyed the complex and thoughtful footwork that goes into a more closed framework, opposed to the more open style that of American Smooth.

This dance can actually be broken down into two different styles: “American” and “International” (AKA “Smooth” and “Standard”). These distinctions are mainly necessary for the competition scene because it’s common for both styles to be mixed together on a social dance floor. However, it is handy to know that American or smooth waltz allows for the partners to separate more while maintaining an easily followed dance. International or standard waltz emphasizes technique and keeps the partners closer together.

If you’d like to learn the waltz, we have many different lesson options. Want to learn in a dance studio near you? Try out our Preferred Location Service. Want to learn in the comfort of your own home? We have an In-Home Concierge Service. Prefer a social setting? See if there are waltz lessons coming up in our Group Classes.

Waltz Music

Some of our favorite songs for the waltz:

  • “Come Away with Me” - Norah Jones

  • “Daughters” - John Mayer

  • “Misery” - P!nk feat. Steven Tyler

  • “Cry” - Faith Hill

  • “Take it to the Limit” - The Eagles