A ballroom dance with plenty of Latin flair, tango is a perennial favorite for those who like its passion and drive.

Tango originated as a fairly racy, boudoir-style dance in Argentina, at times being banned in the country for its indecency. Eventually, the dance became popular in France, where the Europeans cleaned up the dance a little to fit with a more European standard of decency; though they made sure to keep the passion and power of the dance. This more European style continued to bounce between Europe and Latin America until it became what we know as ballroom tango today.

While the ballroom tango remains popular as a beautiful dance that is easily led and followed, many people also like what is known as Argentine Tango. This dance is considered a separate dance, though it is danced to the same music as ballroom tango. Both dances are taught by Daily Dance Services.

In ballroom dance competition, there are two styles of Tango, International and American (AKA “Standard” and “Smooth”), but elements from both styles can be found on the social dance floor. The distinction is only necessary for ballroom competitions, so newer dancers need not concern themselves with the difference.

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