Dancing Is...

An experience unlike anything else.
Anytime someone finds out I am a dancer or a dance teacher they often ask "Whats it like?" I always tell them, "It's unlike like anything you have ever done before, it's quite fun!" If you walk into a store or a restaurant, you can see what the place is about, what their soul and heart is, but with dancers, its another story all together! You don't always notice one by how they dress, act or even how they walk. You might be surprised by how the most unlikely of people can walk out on an empty floor and surprise you with grace, poise or a fast burst of energy and complicated footwork.

"Ordinary people doing extraordinary things,
this is partly why I dance."


Dancing meets the need of touch.

Today's society aches for genuine physical touch.  It is something we are hard wired for.

A couple that spends time together usually involves dinner or a movie but with dancing the two can be talking or just looking at each other, getting "face time" while holding each other in their arms! How rare is that in today's busy, keep up with the Jones's world?

We like it whether it's a handshake from an acquaintance or a hug from a friend or a kiss with a loved one. Touch produces a reaction from our brain which releases feel good chemicals that in turn reduce stress and anxiety.


Dancing improves your physical health.

Physically its the most fun you can have working out! Half an hour of a faster dance such as swing or cha cha will burn calories like riding a bike or jogging.

The real kicker is that you still get to be doing this with another person! You still get the physicality of it!   I have heard of couples that "work out" together, but all that means is that the woman is on the treadmill and the man is lifting his weights even if they are doing the same thing is not together, it's beside one another! In dance you are holding onto the other and getting to swear with one another. You are losing weight or toning muscle literally with each other!

A couple of clients I see several times a week come in tied and beat up by the world outside, "We nearly canceled today but I remembered the last time we came not only did we feel better but we left happier to go out, have dinner, a few drinks and dance some more!"


Dancing enhances your mental health. 

I wish I could say the majority of my clients stay because I am such a great dance teacher but that simply is not the case. After talking with my body of students who have taken for more than a year they say they keep coming because of how it makes them feel.

Yes of course they love to dance or enjoy the challenge but the bottom line is how I accept them for who they are and they can relax and have fun.  One of the motto's I tell to my students is: "If you are not having fun don't come back, What's the point?" There are plenty of other ways to spend this kind of money and if you're not having fun then you're missing the point or I am not helping you at all.