Matt King & Marina Motet

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Matt and Marina are trained in many styles and genres on a professional level.
The two are both professional musicians and have training to bring that aspect to your dancing. 

Their love of dance came from where their students have, which was social dancing.  After teaching in many different ballroom schools and many years of dancing socially, a demand grew to teach what they know. 

The pair will tell you they enjoy Argentine Tango more than most dances, if asked.
"All the rules go out the window, it requires a particular lead and response connection mixed with an improvisational creativity, like playing blues or jazz with a partner."

"What really inspired us to take this journey was combining our love for dance and our desire to teach. We believe we are bringing a new and unique aspect to your learning process by bringing your lessons closer to you, being available for in home instruction, being genuinely interpersonal and having over 25 dances to choose from!"